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Our office package – unique service in Romania!

Have you created a company in Romania, or are you going to create one … by the help of this service you can immediately put your plans into practice in Romania.

Our product offers high quality office services, it is installed in only 48 hours and costs a lot less than an own office.

  • Company premises: we put at your disposal a legal address for your company premises, condition without which, in Romania, the company incorporation or its functioning is not possible.
  • Mail services: the letters will be scanned in at most 24 hours and transmitted on your e-mail address. The e-mail address will be put at your disposal on our server, so that we can make sure that all the e-mails get to you.
  • On-line system: will allow you to access on-line and anytime the scanned mail, the received phone calls or your company documents.
  • Phone call services: personal answering to the phone calls. You will have an individual phone number. Our secretaries will take over the phone calls, by answering with your company name, during all working days. Exception makes the mass phone calls and the marketing actions.
  • Centralized evidence of the phone calls, automatic information via E-mail for every newly appeared phone call.
  • Fax services: there will be installed a fax number for you. The received faxes will be sent in PDF format on your e-mail address. Faxes archiving. Up to 100 pages/month.
  • Information transmission according to your requirements. Except for the mass phone calls or the marketing actions. Up to 100 phone calls/month in the fix network. The phone calls abroad or in the mobile network will be invoiced separately.
  • E-mail services. If you already have an E-mail address of the Company from Romania, this can be daily checked by our secretary.
  • Accounting: up to 50 accounting positions monthly, the related accounting for 5 employees, month closure and balance sheet.


  • You will have an address for the company premises – without this the company cannot be incorporated. In Romania, a P.O. box is not enough.
  • You don’t have expenses for the premises intermediation by a real state agent.
  • You don’t have to sign rent contract and you don’t have to go get the neighbors’ agreement in order to have activities at that address.
  • You don’t have give deposit.
  • You don’t have other costs with the office decoration.
  • You don’t have expenses with the staff and you don’t have to organize staff selection actions.
  • You don’t have expenses with the sick leaves or holidays.
  • Your secretary speaks at least 3 languages: Romanian, German and English.
  • You don’t have expenses related to the office.
  • You don’t have telecommunication expenses (phone, internet).
  • You don’t have IT expenses (repairs, installations, software licenses).
  • You don’t have installation expenses. You will not need to look for telecommunication providers, agencies for the staff selection or go to different authorities. All this is configured within 48 hours and you will be able to focus on your business.

Prices and conditions

  • The price for one month is 450 euro, due the first working day of the month.
  • Notice: the notice period for the contract cancellation is of 3 months from the end of the trimester.
  • Minimum duration: 6 months.
  • Prolongation: the contract is prolonged automatically at the end of the year for another year.
  • RoConnect reserves its rights to cancel the contract and revoke all the services with immediate effect in case of abuses or failure to pay.
  • Essential clause: our services cannot be used for immoral or illegal purposes and activities.  It is the applicant’s duty to inform himself on the legality of his activities.
  • RoConnect can appoint another secretary in case, for various reasons, the initially chosen secretary is no longer available.
  • As a consequence of the prices increase fact that doesn’t depend on us (eg. increase of the energy and telecommunication price), RoConnect reserves its rights to increase the monthly tariff, after a notice with 30 days before and a justification of the price increase decision.
  • RoConnect doesn’t assume its responsibility in case of data loss because of third parties (eg. telecommunication service).
  • The employees of RoConnect don’t have the right to conclude businesses, contracts or orders on behalf of the client.
  • RoConnect provides the client with the collaboration with professional counselors and accountants of vast experience. Even if so, there can happen that in case of financial audit or various controls, the company to be fined. These fines will be paid by the client. This is valid also in case of accumulated interests due to failure of paying debts.

NEW: because of the new legislation in the context of adapting the EU directives, the companies are burdened with extra costs that are included in the RoOffice package.

We could remind the following:

– there have to be organized training courses for the staff referring to the behavior in extreme situations (fire, earthquake, flood) and elaboration of the evacuation plan.

– there has to be periodically deposited the statement referring to the money laundering to the competent authorities

– there has to be concluded a maintenance and verification contract of the electricity network.

All these amendments are included in our package!

Increase the success of your company by focusing on the business itself! We will deal with the office activities.

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