Staff recruitment

Staff recruitment

In collaboration with the most important on-line jobs selection companies, with the staff selection and recruitment state agency and with the press, we create the necessary ads in order to fill in the vacant job.
We advise you to select the staff with our help. In addition, we organize the job interviews and if you wish even in the place desired by you.

Own data base

For the County of Sibiu, we have an own data base of potential candidates.
Most of our candidates speak German and have good professional qualifications and training.

Temporary employees

Do you urgently need collaborators, but you don’t wish to hire them?
We can offer efficient staff with no bureaucracy.

What about afterwards?

You have the necessary staff. What about the labor contracts?
What are the risks you can encounter? What are the rules to follow?
How do you proceed with the professional training courses? What is to be done in the case of sick leaves?
How can you avoid the big staff fluctuation?
How can you dissolve a labor contract when firing staff?
If you don’t find answers to the questions, it will be a pleasure for us to go on assisting you.

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