Incorporation formalities

Companies incorporation formalities


In this section, we wish to present to you important information, necessary documents, conditions to be complied in the company incorporation process.
This information limits itself to the incorporation of a limited liability company. Do you want other information about the incorporation of other company types as well? Contac us, we put at your disposal the desired information.

Necessary documents

– Copy of the identity document or of the passport and their legalized translation. The translation and legalization can be made by us, the price being included in the service pack.
– Contract for buying or of a necessary location for the incorporation as well as land register extract. The company premises can be provided by us, its price not being included in the service pack.
– Copy of the identity document of the owner of the building where the legal premises are going to be established. In the case the building belongs to a legal person, there needs to be presented a copy of the Unique Incorporation Certificate.
– Three proposals for the company name.
– Articles of Incorporation – this is drawn-up by the shareholders and legalized by a notary or a lawyer. The Articles of Incorporation are drawn-up together with you. The legalization of the Articles of Incorporation can be made by us, its price being included in the service pack.

– Legalization of the shareholders’ signature. The shareholders’ signature has to be legalized by a notary.
– Declaration under own responsibility stating that you don’t have fiscal record in Romania.

There are necessary the following documents in case the company from Romania is incorporated by a foreign company:
– registration certificate of the foreign company at the Trade Register.
– certificate of bank reliability.
– extract from the trade register from the company country of origin.

Actual Incorporation Process

1. Searching for a building for the company premises. Put together all the necessary documents: contract of renting or buying, copy of the land register extract. In the case the building has several lodgers, there needs to be obtained their written agreements. The company premises can be provided by us.
2. Take a decision about the company name and its logo. Check the name at the Trade Register.
Afterwards, the name will be booked for a three month period.
3. Drawing-up the Articles of Incorporation.
4. Signing the Articles of Incorporation at the notary. The foreign shareholders can give power-of-attorney to a third person for this.
5. Opening of a bank account and transfer the registered capital.
6. Pay-up of the registration taxes at the Trade Register.
7. The documents are deposited at the Trade Register.
8. The documents are checked by the Judge who approves the demand for the company incorporation.
This decision is published in the “Official Gazette”. There is issued the unique registration certificate.
9. Registration at the Public Finances Administration. This will issue also the registration VAT certificate.
10. Request of possible supplementary documents.

Duration: after all the necessary documents are put at our disposal, the company can be registered within two weeks time.

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