Types of companies

Societate in nume colectiv (SNC) - SNC

Societate in nume colectiv (SNC) – Collective-name Company (SNC) – it can be created by the conclusion of a company contract. – it has the statute of legal person – it has at least two shareholders. The founders can be natural or legal persons. – there is no imposition of a minimum of capital – […]

Societate in comandita simpla (SCS) - SCS

Societate in comandita simpla (SCS) – Sleeping Partnership Company (SCS) – in order to create such a company, there are necessary at least two shareholders, one with unlimited liability (active partners), and the other with limited liability (sleeping partners). – it has statute of legal person – the company administration and management is made by […]

Societate in comandita pe actiuni (SCA) - SCA

Societate in comandita pe actiuni (SCA) – Partnership Limited by Shares Company (SCA) – there are necessary at least 5 shareholders. – the registered capital is divided on shares (great difference from joint-stock company) – the registered capital of the S.C.A. cannot be less than 25.000 € (equivalent in RON)

Societate cu raspundere limitata (SRL) - LTD

Societate cu raspundere limitata (SRL) – Limited Liability Company (LTD) – it needs to have at least one shareholder. There are allowed maximum 50 shareholders. – the company with a sole shareholder is allowed Exceptions: If the shareholder is a company with a sole shareholder If the shareholder has another company in Romania where he […]

Societate pe acţiuni (SA) - SA

Societate pe acţiuni (SA) – Joint-stock Company (SA) – the number of shareholders set by the law is of at least 5 – the founders can be legal or natural persons, both from Romania or abroad – the registered capital: at least 25.000 € (the equivalent in lei, at the National Romanian Bank exchange rate […]


Foreign companies branches The foreign companies can have the opportunity to create in Romania branches and representations. The opening of a branch has to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The branches need to have their legal premises in Romania and can exercise only activities according to the activity field of the mother […]
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