European Social Fund

European Social Fund


The tasks of the European fund are the following:
– improvement of the employment opportunities
– growth and jobs occupancy


Formation and support for the companies and employees in order to promote adaptability:
– correlation of the study all along the life with the labor market
– promotion of the investments in human capital
– improved access at the professional training
– dissemination of the information technologies, of the on-line education
– formation of apprentices
– support for company creation
– development of the specific employment services, of formation and support, including the reorientation, destined to the workers in the context of the sector and company jobs reduction

Measures to improve the access at the occupancy and participation on the labor market, unemployment prevention, especially the long-term unemployment among the young people, encouragement of the active aging and prolongation of the professional life:
– modernization and reinforcement of the institutions from the labor market, especially of the employment services
– apply the active and preventive measures in order to prematurely identify the necessities
– taking into account the equality of chances between women and men, specific measures in order to improve to women’s access to the jobs from the labor market
– improvement of the access and of the participation of the vulnerable groups on the labor market
– trans-national integration on the labor market

Intensification of the social assimilation of the disadvantaged persons for their durable integration on the labor market.
– employment and return on the labor market approaches for disadvantaged persons, as well as persons facing social exclusion or premature school abandon, minorities, handicap persons
– acceptance of diversity at the work place and fight the discriminations as far as the entrance and progress on the labor market is concerned

Consolidation of the human capital, encouraging mainly:
– the projection and application of some reforms of the education systems and of the professional training
– activities to connect in the network the academic institutions, the research and technology centers and of the companies

Mobilization in favor of the reforms from the labor occupancy field, and of the assimilation on the labor market.
Promote the social inclusion by fighting the discrimination and facilitate the access at jobs for disadvantaged groups.
Promote the partnerships in favor of the reforms from the labor occupancy field, and of the assimilation on the labor market.

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