European Fund for Agriculture

European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development

Tasks and fields

All the EU supported measures for the rural development starting with 2007 are financed from an only source and that is the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (FEADR).

The following 3 fields are supported:
1. the improvement of the competitiveness of the agricultural and forestry sectors
2. improvement of the environment and of the rural regions
3. growth of the life quality in rural areas and encouragement of the diversification

For Romania the rural development fund is of 8.022 million Euro, available for the period 2007-2013. Source: European Commission.

Financing priorities

1. For the improvement of the competitiveness in the agricultural and forestry activities, there are supported the following measures:
– formation, information knowledge spreading
– give special advantages to young farmers
– early retirement from the agricultural professions
– use of counseling services by farmers and forest owners
– creation of some agricultural administration, support and counseling, as well as of counseling services in the forestry sector
– modernization of agricultural exploitations
– improvement of the economic value of the forests
– promote the development of new products
– improvement and development of agricultural and forestry infrastructures
– reconstitution of the agricultural production potential affected by natural catastrophes
– give support for farmers in adapting the norms based on the community legislation
– support for farmers that contribute to the life quality improvement
– support to the producers’ groups in order to inform the consumers and promote the products that enter under the incidence of quality programs
– support for financing the groups of producers

2. There are supported the following measures in order to preserve the natural environment and the landscapes:
– compensatory payments destined to the farmers from the mountain regions in order to compensate the natural handicaps
– payments destined to the farmers from the areas that present handicaps, others than the mountain regions
– agro-environment payments
– payments for the welfare of animals
– support for the first afforestation of the agricultural lands
– support for the first installation of the agro-forestry systems on agricultural lands
– support for the first afforestation of the non-agricultural lands

3. For the life quality in the rural environment and rural economy diversification, there are supported the following measures:
– diversification towards non-agricultural activities
– support for the creation and development and the micro-companies, in order to promote the enterprising spirit
– promote tourism activities
– basic services for the economy and rural population
– villages renovation and development
– preserve and valorize the rural patrimony

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