European Funds for regional development

European Funds for regional development in Romania

Tasks and fields

Promotion of the public and private investments, that contribute to the dismantling of the unbalanced areas from the Union. This fund represents the most important tool for Romania.

The following fields are referred to:
– regional development
– economic development
– improved competitiveness
– territorial cooperation

Financing priorities

– productive investments that contribute to the creation and safeguarding of the durable jobs, especially by some direct helps for the investments made mainly in the Small and Middle Companies;
– infrastructure investments
– Technological research, development and innovation
– creation and development of the financing instruments as well as the risk capital, the credit and warranty funds, the local development funds
– environment protection, including the investments related to the water supply, as well as the administration of the offal and water, treatment of the used water and air quality
– electrical development of the communication, services and applications infrastructure
– improvement of the certain access to on-line public services and their development
– help and services for Small and Middle Companies in efficiently adopting and using the information and communication technologies (TIC) or the use of new idea;
– improvement of the tourism services offer by new services with a more considerable added value and facilitation of the passage to new more durable tourism models;
– cultural investments, including the cultural patrimony protection, promotion and preservation, development of the cultural infrastructure
– investments in transportations, including the improvement of the trans-European networks and of the connections with the RTE-T network
– investments in the energetic field, development of the trans-European network
– investments in favor of the education, mainly of the professional training
– investments in the sanitary and social infrastructures

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