Political structure and EU programs for Romania

EU Political structure between 2007-2013

The European Union political structure and that of cohesion have three main goals:

  • Convergence,
  • Regional competitiveness and occupation
  • European territorial cooperation.

The goal of the cohesion policy of the EU is to reestablish the regional unbalances from the Community, contributes to the reduction of the differences between the development levels of various regions and the recovery of the disparity by the less favored regions.
Between 2007 and 2013 there are put at disposal structural funds of 307,6 billion  Euros (35,7% of the budget) for the regional development.
83% of this fund is concentrated towards convergence goals and are destined to the poorest regions and state members of the union.

Cohesion instruments

The most important cohesion instruments are:

European Fund for Regional Development (FEDR)

European Social Fund(FSE)

European Cohesion Fund

Separately for agriculture there is a special fund, European Agriculture Fund (FEADR).

General presentation of the EU financing goals and criteria for 2007-2013

Goals Financing Instrument Criteria
Convergence FEDR


Cohesion Fund

The Regions with a GIP per
inhabitant under 75% from the
UE-25 average. The Regions
with 75%- limit value that goes
over because of the extension
(specific also decreasingly 2013).
Ultra-peripherical  regions
(Asore Islands, Madeira, Guadelupa etc.).

State members with a GIP/inhabitant

< 90% from the European average.

Regional competitiveness
and job occupation


All the regions that are not under
the convergence area. The State
members   propose a list of regions.
European territorial


FEDR The border regions and the
trans-national cooperation area

Convergence area

General presentation of the eligible regions for financing from EU 2007-2013

The regions marked in red are eligible for financing during the above-mentioned period.
All the regions from Romania comply with the conditions and are eligible for financing between 2007 and 2013.

Source: European Commission

The available budget for Romania for financing between 2007-2013 (without agriculture)

Cohesion: 6.552 million EUR.
Convergence goal: 12.661 million EUR.
Territorial cooperation: 455 milion EUR.

Total: 19,668 billion EUR (situation and tariff: October 2006).

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