EU Programs

Political structure and EU programs for Romania

EU Political structure between 2007-2013 The European Union political structure and that of cohesion have three main goals: Convergence, Regional competitiveness and occupation European territorial cooperation. The goal of the cohesion policy of the EU is to reestablish the regional unbalances from the Community, contributes to the reduction of the differences between the development levels […]

European Funds for regional development

European Funds for regional development in Romania Tasks and fields Promotion of the public and private investments, that contribute to the dismantling of the unbalanced areas from the Union. This fund represents the most important tool for Romania. The following fields are referred to: – regional development – economic development – improved competitiveness – territorial […]

European Social Fund

European Social Fund Tasks The tasks of the European fund are the following: – improvement of the employment opportunities – growth and jobs occupancy Fields Formation and support for the companies and employees in order to promote adaptability: – correlation of the study all along the life with the labor market – promotion of the […]

European Cohesion Fund

European Cohesion Fund for Romania Tasks The cohesion policy has to contribute to the consolidation of the economic growth and to the social reinforcement of the community for the durable development. Fields The following fields are referred to: The transportation trans-European networks among the EU policy priorities in order to protect the environment. Durable development […]

European Fund for Agriculture

European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development Tasks and fields All the EU supported measures for the rural development starting with 2007 are financed from an only source and that is the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (FEADR). The following 3 fields are supported: 1. the improvement of the competitiveness of the agricultural and […]
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