EU funds

In collaboration with experts from the financial sector
We inform you in detail about the EU funds available for Romania We run a check to see if you comply with all the requirements in order to participate at the programs. Related links: EU political structure –EU programs for Romania

Search of public funds
– we document the financing opportunities for your project
– we advise programs
– we present you an approach strategy that describes exactly all the procedures and steps that are necessary for application.

Draw-up and present the file
– we help you observe all the prescribed conditions and formalities
– we will discuss in advance about the project – as far as it is possible – with that agency.
– we pay attention in observing all the terms.

Support on the whole project duration
Even after the application form presentation, the project monitoring is an important requirement, and thus we can rapidly and efficiently solve the possible inadequacies.

After the project approval, we will go on supporting you:
– Consultancy referring to public auctions.
– Draw-up the documentation for the funds reimbursement.
– Auction progress.
– Checking of the terms observation and checking the correct project implementation according to the presented documentation.

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