About Romania

Country and Population

Country Geographical position Romania is located in the South-East of Europe, on 44 degrees Nordic latitude and 23 degrees Eastern longitude. Surface 238.391 square km, comparable as surface with Great Britain. Thus Romania is at the 80th place in the world. Borders and neighboring states Romania has 5 states as its neighbors. The overall length […]

Economic data

Current economic data (October 2019) GDP Progress Gross domestic product increased by 4,4% in the second quarter of 2019 compared to the second quarter of 2018 Gross domestic product increased by 4,9% in the second half of 2018 compared to the second half of 2018 Gross domestic product increased by 1,3% in the fourth quarter of […]

Salaries and state taxes

Updated data about salaries (average net salary by activity fields, February 2016) Finances: 3.840 RON (ca. 860 €) Insurances: 4.079 RON (ca. 913€) Post and telecommunications: 4.083 RON (ca. 914€) Military employees: 2.874 RON (ca. 644€) Education: 1.881 RON (ca. 421€) Industry: 1.851 RON (ca. 415€) Health: 1.943 RON (ca. 435€) Constructions: 1.435 RON (ca. […]
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